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About Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads:

Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads are carefully written relaxation scripts accompanied by soothing music to help the listener connect with their own inner wisdom, imagination and fabulous mind-power to improve their lives. They are intentionally constructed to be positive, uplifting and focused on harnessing the greatest transformative power in the universe: LOVE!


As a mental health therapist with over 25 years of experience I have seen people turn their lives around in incredible ways. I have turned my own life around in many ways, and I believe strongly in the power we all possess to change.


I have taken great care to create materials which are appropriate for people from various cultural, religious and ethnic backgrounds. Imaginabulous downloads are free from overtly religious wording and are likely to fit into the belief systems of most people. Above all, I respect people from all walks of life and my greatest desire is to help others.


IMPORTANT: Repetition is key! If your mind has been going in a negative direction for years or decades it isn't likely you'll change deeply ingrained thought patterns overnight. You have to stick with it; your thoughts can and will shift in a more positive direction the more you do this kind of work. 


What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a process of getting oneself in a deep state of relaxation so that one can benefit from the positive suggestions and affirmations one chooses to allow into one's mind. Guided Imagery allows us to take advantage of the mind's power and the human ability to change and control our lives, and make them better in virtually any way we would like. Guided imagery is NOT therapy. You are the guide in guided imagery; you take what works for you and leave the rest.

Can I listen to them while doing other things?

Sorry but NO, absolutely not. It is neither safe nor effective for you to listen to these downloads while doing anything other than sitting or lying down with your eyes closed, focusing on truly integrating the ideas into your mind. Please give yourself the gift of alone time and singular focus to get the benefit from Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads. 

How long are you supposed to listen to them?

Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads work best when you pick one download to listen to every day -- for as long as it takes! It generally takes about a month to form new habits and that is the minimum amount of time (usually) needed to fully begin to incorporate the ideas into your subconscious mind. I encourage people to listen to one download every day for a month (or two or three) and then as needed after that. Please don't sabotage yourself by stopping too soon! Of course there are some instances where it is not possible to listen daily, just know that any time to devoted to positive change is better than none! 

What if there is something in the script I don't like?

It is unlikely one would find something objectionable in Imaginabulous™ scripts, but rest assured guided imagery can't make you do or believe anything contrary to what your own free will dictates. You maintain control over your thoughts and beliefs, even when in a very relaxed state. You can stop listening if you feel uncomfortable with anything. You can decide if the scripts are in line with your goals and beliefs. (Parents are asked to decide this for children and it is recommended that parents give permission before allowing children to listen to the downloads for kids.)

You are the guide in guided imagery; take what works for you and leave the rest. 

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