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Steps on the Path to Healthy Self-Love

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Many times, I’ve heard my clients tearfully exclaim they don’t know how to love themselves. I’ve encouraged them to take the same path I had to take myself. Since self-love isn’t a flowery-abstraction, it must encompass definitive behaviors and attitudes which can be developed and improved-upon over time, such as:

1. Unconditional Self-Acceptance

2. Compassion and Empathy for Oneself

3. Emotional Care and Self-Expression

4. Healthy Boundaries

5. Trust in Yourself

6. Kindness

7. Patience

8. Forgiveness

9. Care of the Mind, Body and Spirit

10. Self-Respect

***For more information about the above topics you can download the entire chapter on this subject, which includes details about how to foster a healthy sense of self-love. Just go to the Shop page. Or, take a look at some of the helpful resources in this blog about stages of the grieving process, healthy communication tips, etc.

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