Self-Love requires ACTION. This written download discusses ways you can put self-love into action in a healthy way that is not narcissitic or totally ego-centric. BE YOU and LOVE YOURSELF just the way you are. 

Steps Toward Healthier Self Love -- From Ch. 1 of book; See Blog for Intro.

  • If you have read the free introduction to my book, Higher Love: A Revolution of Personal Power in the Blog section of this website and you'd like to read all of Chapter One, you can get it here. It's about how to cultivate a deeper, more beautiful love for yourself. This is not available anywhere else. Not even the book is available at this time, but the information in this chapter could be helpful to many struggling with the cultivation of a healthy sense of self-love and I wanted to make it available to anyone who may want it. 

    Steps Toward Healthy Self Love (Consider reading intro in Blog section first.)