Now you can download the written verson of this guided imagery script so you can record it yourself (or have someone whose voice you find comforting record it) and add whatever relaxing music you would like! You control the tone, pitch, pace, etc., so it can be exactly as you wish. 

ABOUT THIS DOWNLOAD: Have you heard that diets don't work? Neither does beating yourself up or feeling ashamed of your body. LOVE THAT BODAAYYY! This download helps to shift one's focus from scale numbers, clothing sizes, useless comparisons, and the shallow crap arising from damaging cultural values into a more helpful direction. This Healthy Balance download helps us focus our minds on learning to NURTURE ourselves and care for our beautiful bodies with love, gentleness, sanity and joy! I have had a weight issue all of my life and I created this download for myself, and any of the millions of suffering people who have been far too hard on themselves for much too long. 

Body in Balance Script for Making Your Own Guided Imagery Audio File