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You must be 18+ years old to download anything from this site. You acknowledge guided Imagery is a form of self-hypnosis.

Although considered generally safe, you agree that use of guided imagery is 100% under your control and it is for USE ACCORDING TO YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY AND AT YOUR OWN RISK.

You agree to NEVER listen while driving or trying to do any other activity. If you can't relax in a calm, quiet place and focus on the guided imagery meditation, then please do not to listen until you can.


You acknowledge guided imagery downloads/scripts are not a substitute for professional or emergency psychological help. You agree to get help from a hospital, clinic or emergency services in your local area if needed. You agree to check with your doctor or a licensed mental health professional before use of products purchased on this site to ensure suitability for your personal use. 

Guided imagery is generally very safe. However, individuals with a history of psychosis or any other mental illness that prevents them from differentiating reality from imagination should not use guided imagery. By purchasing you confirm you have no such mental illness or contraindication as noted above, such as a history of psychosis or any other mental illness that prevents you from differentiating reality from imagination

How to Use Guided Imagery:


Please be aware the rate of speech heard on guided imagery downloads is slower than normal. This is intentional, as the point is to SLOW DOWN, relax and focus deeply on the positive messages and affirmations. Anything in the script which is not a fit for you can be disregarded by your mind. Although guided imagery is similar to hypnosis, you are always in control and can refuse to listen to them if they do not match your goals for positive change in your life. 


If you want to incorporate the messages of the downloads into your belief system, the goal is to listen every day for a few months, or longer. It takes several weeks to develop new mental habits, and it can take longer to shift subconscious thought patterns. Try not to give up too soon, but of course, stop immediately if you are uncomfortable with any part of this download, or the process of listening to it. Again, you are always in control. You can even sleep while using the downloads! They'll still be of benefit to you and your subconscious mind if you fall asleep.