Now you can download the written verson of this guided imagery script so you can record it yourself (or have someone whose voice you find comforting record it) and add whatever relaxing music you would like! You control the tone, pitch, pace, etc., so it can be exactly as you wish. 

ABOUT THIS DOWNLOAD: The human body is amazing and I believe in its innate ability to heal. However, please note that Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads do not purport in any way to be able to heal or treat any disease or illness. Please, go to the doctor or to whomever you trust with your health. But know this: I believe in the possibility of miracles every day, in every moment. I have put a lot of love and prayers into these downloads and I fervently hope you find the healing for which you are searching. If you feel these downloads have helped you in any way please let me know. This relaxing download can help the listener reduce fear and increase their peace of mind, which is an important and healthy thing for anyone to do as they seek to improve their health. 

Optimal Wellness Script for Making Your Own Guided Imagery Audio File