How to Use the "Overcoming the Past" Imaginabulous™ Downloadable SPOKEN WORD RECORDING:

     First, be aware the rate of speech heard on this relaxation download is slower than normal. That is intentional, as the point of this exercise is to SLOW DOWN, relax and focus deeply on the positive messages and affirmations. Anything in the script that is not a fit for you can be disregarded easily by your mind. Accept only what fits into your intentions for yourself.

     The goal for use of this download is to listen to it every day for a month. It takes about that long to develop new habits, and it could take longer to develop new mental habits. Try not to give up too soon, as you may sabotage the progress you are making. But, of course, stop immediately if you are uncomfortable with any part of this download, or the process of listening to it.

     NEVER listen to this while driving or trying to do any other activity. If you can't relax in a calm, quiet place and focus on yourself throughout the duration of the download, then it's best not to listen at all. You can sleep through this however if you want!

     This guided imagery download is not a substitute for professional medical or psychological help. Please get help if you need it from a hospital or clinic!


Imaginabulous™ 'Overcoming the Past' Guided Imagery-Recorded Download