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Imaginabulous™ Resources for Teachers, Educators, Parents and Students

Imaginabulous™ School-Based Resources are some of the products I am MOST excited to offer! I was a school counselor for three years and I know these products will help kids, parents and teachers better manage stress and behavioral issues in an educational setting.
(These products, as they become available, will not be sold elsewhere.)
Imaginabulous™  Guided Imagery Downloads help kids learn and teachers teach!

I'm developing Imaginabulous™ Guided Imagery Downloads for use in schools because as a former school counselor I know that they are desperately needed. Working in schools with widespread social problems made me aware that many struggling kids are actually traumatized, fearful, angry, confused, stressed-out and distracted. Of course, dealing with overwhelming emotions will affect one's ability to learn.


I have tremendous respect for educators who do the very difficult job of teaching children with diverse social, emotional and behavioral styles. Unfortunately teachers sometimes lack the tools for helping these kids as much as they would like. Sometimes teachers want to help but don't know what to do. Even well-intended teachers can sometimes use strategies that not only are ineffective for changing behaviors, they can actually make the children feel more flawed and alienated.


Although most educators are compassionate and competent around social and emotional needs of their students, my years as a school counselor allowed me the opportunity to see less than ideal situations. I have seen children with attention or behavior problems get suspended, scolded, separated from the other students and labeled as the “problem kid” in class. I have seen children punished for behavior which is perfectly normal given the environments out of which they have come. I have seen children who have already suffered too much shame and punishment receive more of the same. Sadly, in effort to avoid further punishment many children resort to keeping anger, confusion, sadness and rage bottled-up inside until they explode. At times I have seen children hurting themselves and/or becoming profoundly depressed.


Teachers are not therapists and they have many responsibilities and time restraints which sometimes make the behavioral issues and emotional problems of their students more than they can reasonably deal with. Imaginabulous™ guided imagery downloads support teachers by supporting kids who need extra help to improve emotional and behavioral functioning on a meaningful level. When we help improve the functioning of students, we help teachers be able to focus more on what they want to do most: teach.


Using years of mental health experience and knowledge of the challenges facing school kids, I truly believe that Imaginabulous™ products will be positive, useful tools for teachers, parents and schools to use to help children with a variety of issues. I create all Imaginabulous™ products with an uncompromising commitment to use only appropriate, inclusive language and healing imagery which is acceptable for children from all kinds of cultural and religious backgrounds.


Imaginabulous™ downloads are NOT therapy. Therapy, by nature, includes an actual relationship between child and therapist. There is no such relationship with Imaginabulous™ guided imagery; they simply guide a child into a state of relaxation and into an opportunity to heal by shifting their thoughts about themselves and the world around them in a solidly positive direction.


I hope you will be as excited about the possibilities for the Imaginabulous™ guided imagery downloads as I am. Imaginabulous™ resources can help children build themselves up emotionally, help them heal hurts and fears, process grief or trauma, learn coping skills for difficult feelings and practice calming skills to help them better manage impulsivity and distraction. 

Please obtain a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian for each student who may use Imaginabulous™ downloads. It is the responsibility of the school, teacher, educator, etc., to get parent or guardian permission to use Imaginabulous™ products. Imaginabulous™, LLC assumes no responsibility for misuse of products or administration of its products to children without express, written permission from a parent or guardian.



©Imaginabulous™. LLC; All Rights Reserved. No part of this article/website may be copied, used or posted without express written permission from Imaginabulous,™ LLC.

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